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      Accurate measurement can be done accurately! Two dimensional image measuring instrument helps PCB industry innovation
      Company News
      Release Time:2021-12-22 15:45:36

      With the rapid development of Internet of things, new energy vehicles and 5g communication, the manufacturing process of PCB is facing higher requirements. Accurate measurement can be done accurately! The powerful measurement function of the Two dimensional image measuring instrument can realize more accurate, efficient and stable measurement and detection of precision PCB circuit board, and help the innovation of PCB circuit board industry!

      Two dimensional image measuring instrument is mainly used to measure the size and angle of parts that are difficult or impossible to be measured by caliper and angle ruler, but play an important role in assembly. The PCB circuit board industry is an important application field of the Two dimensional image measuring instrument.


      For example, PCB appearance dimension detection, position detection, line width and distance measurement, defect detection, etc. with the Two dimensional image measuring instrument, it can be completed efficiently and automatically generate data reports, which is not only simple and convenient, but also can ensure the product quality.

      Weimi Measurement Two dimensional image measuring instrument is equipped with heidenham high-precision non-contact grating ruler imported from Germany, with a resolution of 0.0005mm; Panasonic fully closed servo motor in Japan has adjustable speed, positioning accuracy of 0.001 mm, more accurate measurement, more stable use and higher efficiency.


      The Two dimensional image measuring instrument relies on computer screen measurement technology and powerful spatial geometric operation software, and takes non-contact measurement as the main measurement method. Through long-term technical experience accumulation, Weimi Measurement makes the automatic image measuring instrument gradually extend in function and become an instrument between two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric dimension measurement, namely 2.5-dimensional image measuring instrument and 2.5-dimensional image measuring instrument.

      In addition, Weimi Measurement can also configure the UK Renishaw contact probe or precision point laser / line laser for the Two dimensional image measuring instrument according to the measurement requirements of customers' products, so as to meet the different needs of different customers.


      In addition to the PCB circuit board industry, the two-dimensional image measuring instrument is also applicable to almost all application fields for the purpose of two-dimensional plane size measurement, such as machinery, electronics, molds, injection molding, hardware, rubber, magnetic materials, precision hardware, precision stamping parts, connectors, connectors, 3C digital products, auto parts, clocks, instruments, tools, screws, springs, gears Wires and cables, screens, etc.

      For example, the measurement of appearance size, flatness, thickness, radian, circular hole diameter, line distance, point line distance, etc. of silk screen printing board and mobile phone touch screen / glass.


      Due to its wide application range, Weimi Measurement not only has multi series and multi model Two dimensional image measuring instruments, but also can customize non-standard models for customers. If you are looking for a manufacturer of Two dimensional image measuring instrument, you may wish to contact Weimi Measurement and ask our senior engineers to recommend suitable Two dimensional image measuring instrument series and models for you.


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